Second patch for bfsms – Send concatenated SMS’s via bluetooth

In a previous post we talked about the program bfsms for sending SMS’s via bluetooth. We also applied a patch for sending splitted SMS’s, in other words messages which are divided in more than one SMS and sent one-by-one.

Clearly, a unique SMS is preferable, like for long SMS’s sent by moder mobile phone. This kind of messages are called concatenated SMS’s and they are a set of SMS’s sent in sequence, collected by the receiver and shown to the user like a unique SMS.

The realized patch, to be applied to bfsms (download), is available here. The following are the commands to extract the application, apply the patch, compile and install.

$ tar xvzf bfsms_v.0.11.tar.gz
$ cd bfsms_v.0.11
$ wget
$ cat bfsms_v.0.11.patch | patch
$ make
# make install

Now, the next command sends a concatenated SMS.

$ bfsms -n -C AA:1F:DF:CA:A2:E4 +393X94X3XX27 "a long message..."


  • -n is the option for normal SMS’s (without this option the program send a flash SMS),
  • -C is the option for concatenated SMS’s,
  • AA:1F:DF:CA:A2:E4 is the bluetooth address of your phone,
  • +393X94X3XX27 is the receiver number (in international format),
  • "a long message..." is the message to be sent.

A note about concatenated SMS’s. Some phones (like my n78) present a strange behavior receiving concatenated SMS’s sent by this application: The message is received and the preview is visible in the InBox, but the SMS cannot be read and an error message is presented to the user. Curiously, it is possible to use voice synthesizer to listen the message, and from the voice synthesizer it is also possible to read it!!! Moreover, the problem is not present if concatenated SMS’s are sent as flash SMS’s (then, with the option -C, without -n). Mysteries of informatics.

This post is also available in Italian: Link.