Install OpenOffice without removing LibreOffice

Within the new operating system running in my laptop, I found the new LibreOffice suite. I like this tool and I think it is superior than OpenOffice. However, I need an installation of OpenOffice because this is the tool used in my lectures. There are many threads in several forums suggesting to remove LibreOffice before installing OpenOffice. I do not see any valid reason for doing this! Just download a tar.gz archive containing all DEB packages of OpenOffice from this site and install them using the dpkg tool:

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Do you need a previous version of OpenOffice? Me too! I need OpenOffice 3.2, but from I was only able to download OpenOffice 3.4 (current stable) and OpenOffice 3.3 (legacy version). After searching the web, I found a discussion in a forum pointing to the public archives of OpenOffice: You can download any version of OpenOffice, in your language, from here. Enjoy!

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