Problemi di sicurezza in SmartCampus

Ho riscontrato alcuni problemi di sicurezza in SmartCampus, fra cui la possibilità di rubare i corsi dei miei colleghi. Segnalati e per lo più sistemati.

Multiple Instances of the Desktop App of Microsoft Teams

Do you use Microsoft Teams and need to see more than 4 or 9 webcams? Read this!

That time I reported a security problem to TIM

TIM had a security issue with their Consip 6 website, leading to disclose sensitive data about their customers. I reported, they fixed, the web is a safer place, and I am in their Hall of Fame!

Website Reboot

Goodbye WordPress. Welcome gridsome!

OverTheWire - Krypton 6

A simple write up of the last level of Krypton.