Website Reboot

I used WordPress for years. It worked well up to some point, even if I used only a very limited set of its functionalities. For example, I never used the editor to modify pages and posts, and always preferred to type HTML directly. Now for some reasons I am unable to continue to use WordPress this way, and some internal mechanisms mess up my posts. This is the main reason I decided to abandon WordPress, but definitely not the only one.

For some time, my website was infected by a malicious script that was injecting pop-unders in all links. I could not note the infection by myself because the pop-under was injected only once in a large time window (with the help of some cookie). Luckily, some friends of mine reported me the incident, and I could identify the malicious script, as well as the WordPress plugin that lead to the infection.

That said, I mainly need a static website. I can work on it locally on my laptop, and upload the modified files with a script. Better if I can version the source files with git. I searched a bit to understand which framework is most suitable for my needs, and I found gridsome. It is developed by the author of Vue.js, it is minimalist, and it can be integrated with several plugins and libraries. I opted for BootstrapVue to render pages, and customized the Litera theme with the help of Bootstrap Build.

I re-organized the website, converting all pages. I think this is also a good opportunity to remove old stuff from my website. In particular, I am not sure whether I will import my old posts.